About Me

I am a husband, a dad (I have a son and a daughter) and most recently a new grandfather for the first time!  I have my own business where I do recruiting.  In my part time I work at Internet Marketing which I have a HUGE passion for.mark MRI

I have been working part time in the Internet Marketing world for the last three years. And I am here to tell you that you can make money on the Internet!  I am a good example of that because I do make money currently with my Internet marketing efforts.

My online income comes from three primary areas:  books I have written that are available on Kindle, as an Amazon Affiliate and on Fiverr.

I will be honest, I do not make enough money with Internet marketing to quit my full time job.  But that is a choice I have made.  I don’t want to quit my full time job.  I actually like what I do.  As a recruiter I help people get jobs.  It is very rewarding.   That being said I know that if I spent more time at Internet Marketing I could make a fulltime income.  There are lots of people that do and maybe someday I will.

I will share with you a few gems I have learned with Internet Marketing over the years.

Gem #1

There are no magic buttons with Internet Marketing.  To make money it does take work. If something sounds too good to be true—it most definitely is the case with making money online.

Gem #2

The Internet world is constantly changing.  And it does so at a very rapid pace. That is both good news and bad news if you are an Internet Marketer.

The bad news is that what works one day may not work the next day.  So it is very important to constantly stay current with what changes are taking place, so you know what is working and what is not working and what changes in your business you need to make.  That is not difficult if you are open to ongoing learning and know where to look for the information you need.

The good news, because of these changes, is that there are lots of new opportunities and new methods to make money online that are being created every day.  That’s great because more opportunities means you make more money.

Gem #3

It’s important to find and act upon good information about these changes.  The challenge is there’s lots of information out there along with new money making opportunities, but it is hard to tell what is good and what is not.  You basically have to buy the information and take the time to go through it.  Only then will you know what will help you and what will not.

thanksgiving at the beachRecently it dawned on me that there have to be lots of others people just like me that either have an interest or a full on passion for Internet marketing.  They know that it is important to stay educated with all the changes and new offerings that are happening every day.

These are people like me that are tired of the time and cost associated with going through everything to determine what is good and what is bad. I though further, what this industry needs is an honest, ethical guy to do that for people.

So I thought that’s what I would do–go through the new make money online offerings and share what is truly worthwhile and what is garbage.  If I did this it would help people save time and money and best of all help them to succeed faster.

thre fredsThat brings us to where I am today and why I started this blog, OnlineMarketingWithMark.  My goal here is to provide you with information you need on the latest changes with the Internet.

I will also review and dissect the newest money making offerings and tell you what they are all about.  That way if you decide to purchase something you will know in advance if it worthwhile or a waste of time.

In closing, I thought I would share just a little more about myself on a more personal level.  Thought you might want to know.

When I’m not working I enjoy hiking, cycling and taking vacations with my wife.  I am a huge sports fan and especially love playing fantasy football.

Mark and Palm SpringsNow that a have a grandson, playing with him also takes up a high spot on my list of things I like to do. I have included a picture below.  At the time it was taken he was just 20 months and full of energy!

I have always been a hard worker. I’m dedicated, committed and I do what I say I am going to do.  I pride myself on being an upbeat, positive and optimistic person. I guess I’m lucky, I have always seen the glass as half full.

I also get a real kick out of helping people. I suppose at this stage of my life it is one thing that drives me most.

When my kids lived at home and were growing up we would always talk about the importance of helping people.  As a family we would always look for good deeds that we could do to help people.

Joey and Kristin in ZionMy kids don’t live at home anymore, they’ve outgrown the nest and are living on their own.   But it’s always great when they call me up to tell me, “Hey Dad I want to tell you about this good deed I did today!”  Guess I did something right!

So, think of what I am doing here as my good deed for you. Hopefully, what you gain from me will help you in some small way on your Internet Marketing journey.

Gotta’ love the pic here of my daughter and little grandson hiking in Zion–so special!!

Onward and Upward!