Wealthy Affiliate-Review-My Top Recommendation for Newbies

There are a lot of different programs available today on how to make money online. And for my first review of one I thought it would be best to share with you one that I have actually used over the last few years and it has made me money.
It is called Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate is a site where you can learn to make money through a variety of different means.

It is actually perfect for those new to Internet Marketing and those at an intermediate level.

I really like Wealthy Affiliate and can recommend it with confidence–because all the money I have made online over the years, I have either learned or received help in some way from Wealthy Affiliate.

There is an expression that is very fitting at this moment. It is: “Be in business for yourself, not by yourself.”

If you are going to be successful in business you need to surround yourself with people that can help you when you are in need.

You will not be successful if you isolate yourself and try to do everything all on your own. If you have no one to turn to when you need help everything will come to a halt.

Well, Wealthy Affiliate is the place I have turned to often and it has been a huge contributor to my online success.

You see Wealthy Affiliate is different than most Internet products you will see today. It not just a one-off method for making money. It is more of an interactive community where there are thousands of members that help each other make money online.

At Wealth Affiliate there are a number of “step by step” classroom type programs that teach how to make money online. These are very good and detailed and they work. But better than that is the community of people at Wealthy Affiliate that you can turn to when you have questions on something. This is so invaluable.

If you are going to succeed in Internet marketing you need to have as much help as possible and that means having access to people you can find easily that will answer your questions. Wealthy Affiliate will help with that.


So what is your risk in giving Wealthy Affiliate a try?

Your risk is absolutely zero! That’s because they will let you try it for FREE for seven days. After that you can either stay on as a free member or upgrade to premium member status (which will give you access to many more tools and resources).


  • You can look around completely FREE for 7 days–they won’t even ask for a credit card upfront.
  • The thorough step-by-step training and classrooms are among the best I have seen.
  • The community of people there and so many are willing to help.
  • 24/7 support
  • Everything is offered there for you to easily build and publish on the Internet own website or blog(s). Even hosting is included.
  • They have been around for over ten years evolving and improving and there are thousands of active members there. That kind of time in the Internet world is like an eternity. And with that many people (thousands!) maintaining their memberships month after month–something very good must be going on there.


  • It has so much in terms of training, tools and resources plus the thousands of members all commenting it might be a bit overwhelming for someone very new to Internet Marketing. But that being said once the new person gets going they will be glad for the thoroughness of everything.
  • They are very strict within the forum and will not tolerate spamming or causing trouble. So if you like to use a forum for ranting this may not be for you.
  • I wish the 7 day free trial was a bit longer. In my opinion is a nice gesture but not quite enough time if you only have a couple hours a day like after or before your real job to look around.

Does Wealthy Affiliate get Thumbs Up or Thumbs down?

Mark gives it a BIG Thumbs Up.

Thumbs up blue cropped

I’m actually not sure how long the FREE trial is going to be available so I suggest taking a look today.

Just click here to sign up for the FREE account at Wealth Affiliate today.