How to Find Telecommuting Jobs That are Real

Working from home is becoming huge these days. Also called telecommuting or flex time work, it is estimated that one in five Americans work from home.  And there are many, very legitimate, companies that hire people looking for this type of work.

But how to you find telecommuting jobs that are REAL and offered by REAL companies?

flexjobs-logo-400x182The best truly legitimate resource around that specializes in helping people looking for this type of work from home is FlexJobs (

At the date of this post Flexjobs  had 27,959 jobs listed on this site from 4,492 companies all over the world.

The best thing that can be said about FlexJobs is that all the companies and job opportunities whose listings are accepted have been thoroughly screened to make sure they are legitimate and not scams.

I realize this is sounding like an advertisement for FlexJobs and I don’t mean for it to, but they are quite an impressive resource.  And if you are reading this it should be of real interest to you because you are here looking for ways to make money online or outside the tradition method of going to a regular job.

In our research we found that FlexJobs had over 150 career categories and jobs for just about anyone ranging from entry-level to executive, freelance to full-time.

So who would find FlexJobs  a good resource? (I will just copy and paste here what they say because I can’t do it any better):

• Anyone looking for part-time, flextime, and freelance jobs that are in-line with their career.
• People looking to telecommute some, or all, of the time.
• Professionals looking for flexible, flextime, or non-traditional schedules.
• Parents wanting to be more flexible for their kids and families.
• Someone looking for a second job or supplemental income that utilizes their skills and education in a professional way.
• Military spouses who need the flexibility to work from anywhere, in case their spouses are re-stationed.
• People with physical or health issues trying to find flexible work and telecommuting jobs to suit their needs.
• Retirees looking to stay professionally active and to earn some income.
• Competitive athletes wanting a professional job that will fit around their training and competition schedules.
• And anyone else who would appreciate a job that fits with their life, not a life that fits with their job!

Here’s a sampling of a few of the more well known companies offering jobs like these at the FlexJobs site.

flex jobs

If you are interested here is their website:  Here is their phone number: 1-866-991-9222


  1. Haven’t heard about flex job before but it seems reliable. My guess will be that it is an American based company. Thanks for the post though will be checking it out.
    Boris Qs recently posted…Are you using the right Autoresponder for your business?My Profile

    • I think it is am American based company, but I am pretty sure they show jobs that are located all over the word. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Boris.

  2. Hello Mark
    Sometimes when a service fills a need then we have to sound like a fan boy for them, and Flexjobs definitely fills a need if the US is anything like the UK. Rather than scour the small ads and taking our chances attempting to avoid the scam artists, going to a central source where you can match your interests, skills and availability to companies makes perfect sense.
    igor Griffiths recently posted…Managing Your Weekly ScheduleMy Profile

    • Flexjobs is a little outside what we are doing here–but it works for those people who find they are not quite right for Internet Marketing but still want to work from home. That’s why I researched this industry and came up with FlexJobs as the recommended resource. Thanks for the comment.

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