Quick Start Challenge–Week Two

Week Two of the Quick Start Challenge started with a webinar where Dean presented ideas for generating traffic. He also challenged the group to make a video and post it online.

Unfortunately, there were serious recurring audio problems with the webinar host, GoToWebinar. The topic was eventually covered, just took a little longer than expected.

Homework for this week:

1. Join a forum related to your niche. For Internet Marketers the forum suggested was Warrior Forum. I am already a member so that was easy. The other part of the assignment was to begin posting comments and start making contributions on the forum. I did start doing this as well.

2. Post comments on our fellow students blogs and websites. I jumped all over this and it took quite a bit of time. But I would say I viewed just about all the blogs and commented on most that were set up to accept comments.

3. This was the big task and most difficut for most people. It would require everyone to really step out of their comfort zone. The assignment was to make a video where we were on camera and then post it online. I did this and the result is below.

Okay, that’s it for week two with the Quick Start Challenge. Onward and upward!



  1. Hi Mark
    Really enjoyed reading your post and watching your video which I found both to be very imformative. I’ve been doing internet marketing for years and purchased too many shiny products. I now realise (like many of my QSC colleagues) that you need to build a list and as you say in your video Mark – stick to one thing and do it well. Thanks again Mark – I’ll be back. Colin
    Colin Eade recently posted…About MeMy Profile

  2. Hi Mark,
    what an inspiration!!!!! I needed to hear your words today! :) thank you very much and I will follow along with your progress. Off to subscribe, because I can’t wait to read your book! Thank you for your generosity to give it out for free!!! Much appreciated! See you soon here! :)
    Desana recently posted…What Does Baking Have In Common With Growing Your Business?My Profile

    • Hi Desana. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope you enjoy the book. I wish you continued good luck with the Quick Start Challenge. KEEP TAKING ACTION!

  3. Very good video. You are a Natural at it. You are right take one thing make it successful before you move on to the next. You do need to diversify some as most people say don’t have all your eggs in one basket. Good luck!

    Shane Dolby recently posted…Quick Start Challenge 3.0 Week 2My Profile

  4. Hi Mark,
    I totally agree that it’s important to pick one program and stick with it. The problem I’ve had is picking the one to stick with.
    Hopefully the structured program and the many accountability partners in the Quick Start Challenge will help us all to stick with this one.
    All the best for now.
    Keiran recently posted…Testimonial for The Quick Start ChallengeMy Profile

  5. Hi Mark, very nice header design and overall look of the site (no wonder as you are using the Genesis framework :). Congrats on completing the second challenge!
    Oggie recently posted…Testing the Power of Deadlines – On MyselfMy Profile

  6. Congratulations on taking action! I like the way your blog looks. I’m looking forward to following your progress.
    Luis recently posted…I did it!!!My Profile

    • Thank you for stopping by and your comment Luis. Taking Action is the number one thing! Now #2 is to not give up. Good luck to you with the QSC.

  7. Let’s stick together at QSC. I like the way your website looks. We should keep watching each other. :-)
    Otmar recently posted…The Trigger that made me START – The Quick Start ChallengeMy Profile

  8. I’ve always believed that the future is in the internet so I’m just trying to keep up! Great looking site!

  9. Hey Mark, Thanks for your confidence booster. Like yourself, i have made some money online too but never stuck to anything long enough to replace my income :) It’s really all good because it’s like you said – we have another chance to make a difference and stick to something to make a big change. Cheers Mate!

    • Hi Col, thanks for visiting my website and your comments here. We all need a confidence booster once in a while. Let’s make this happen!

  10. It’s obvious that you’ve been doing this for a while. You have a beautiful, well-formatted website with useful information. I like how you share yourself personally on your “About Me” page and on your week 2 video. I will definitely be returning to this website.

    I believe that through the Quick Start Challenge you won’t have any problem building your list and you will be quite successful.

    • Thanks for your kind words Craig. I am trusting the time spent with the Quick Start Challenge will be positive and fruitful. All I know at this point is to not give up, right!

  11. Gary Crowell says:

    Mark: Nice video. I like that you mentioned in the first minute that people should focus on one thing at a time. Wow was I guilty of that early on. I had all these ideas and thought I should multitask and get them all going at one time. No!!! Focused attention on one thing is much more efficient. I had this problem early on even with marketing. I was trying to do video, social media, articles, etc. all at the same time. Once I backed off and mastered one method at a time, I began seeing results. Also, I downloaded your book and I have a pointer Anik Singal taught me. Most marketers are leaving money on the table at their thank you page. They give away a free product and build their list. However, think about linking from your thank you page to an affiliate offer of CPA offer. Some will bite on it and some won’t. Something I plan to start doing myself.

  12. Hey Mark,

    What a great video! I enjoyed that, and there’s a lot to be learned from your website (and you of course), just by looking at the setup, and the user-friendly placement of everything. Well thought out. I see you are on the Genesis Framework. I use that too. Anyway, keep it up, and I will be visiting here. Oh…and I want to read your new book. So, I will be subscribing!

    Tony Brayley recently posted…Tony Brayley & The Quick Start ChallengeMy Profile

  13. Hello Mark,

    You have done a great job with your blog and your video is great. I just wanted to say hi and know you. Wish you a great Success!
    Purna Atmakuri recently posted…The Quick Start Challenge, Purna Atmakuri First Time On VideoMy Profile

  14. Hi Mark,
    You did very well in the video and I like your header on this website.
    As the cartoon of yourself in the header looks really cool :)
    Keep up the excellent work.

  15. Hey Mark,

    Great video! Very clear on the audio side. This is one great thing about the QSC, about allowing to comment on the members site. This is too easy for you. Keep on succeeding.

    Carlos Cortez recently posted…Why Video Marketing?My Profile

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